28 Days were lucky enough to be selected by Forces Entertainment to play a number of shows in the Middle East (Afghanistan and UAE) to entertain the Aussie soldiers. We played 7 shows in 8 days and the whole experience was both eye opening and completely humbling! It was an honour to play for the Aussie troops and they showed us nothing but love for coming across to perform for them. We played 2 shows at military bases in Kabul and one show in Kandahar followed by 4 shows in UAE at military bases including one show on HMAS Success in Dubai. It was the most unique tour I’ve ever been a part of and the 28 Days lads absolutely loved it! We felt extremely lucky to experience a little bit of military life in a war zone. Civilians do not get this close to military activity and we learnt a hell of a lot about what our Aussie troops are doing in the Middle East. We travelled from gig to gig on military aircraft including C-17, Hercules and Bush Master armoured vehicles. Check the images out on my Instagram account (link on home page).